Initial Education 2 and 1st Grade EGB

Mgs. Guisella Zevallos de Amaya

Principal Initial Education 2 and 1st Grade EGB

Our main objective is to support and provide the necessary tools to our students for their comprehensive development, enhancing their learning through meaningful experiences in a safe and nurturing environment, where we give them affection, care and protection, to ensure the formation of happy and healthy individuals, able to learn, grow, live in harmony, love and protect nature. We teach them to be respectful and responsible, creative, communicative, autonomous, to solve problems of daily life, to become good readers, to acquire physical skills and above all to enjoy daily experiences all around them.


Mgs. Guisella Zevallos de Amaya


Principal Initial Education 2 and 1st Grade EGB


– Provide education in values.

– Encouraging social interaction.

– Perform self-esteem and capacities.

– Encouraging creativity in art, language, music and critical thinking.

– Develop the body’s muscles, balance and coordination.

– Encourage cognitive development through incentives both Spanish and English.

– Provide exposing children to written and spoken word in both language programs.

– Provide parents with opportunities for communication in order to work together for the welfare of our students.



Grounded in the constructivist pedagogical model, we encourage children to observe, explore, build, create, interact and discover their surroundings.

Starting very young they are encouraged to develop their thinking, motivating them to solve problems, which are forged in during their early years with the IB student profile, laying the basis for future learning.




 In this area that children enjoy the use of language based on songs, rhymes, tongue twisters and riddles. Furthermore, phonological awareness, essential to the process of reading and writing in their education is taught. They also recognize that there is a relationship between spoken and written which they will express using their own codes.

We stimulate and encourage the love of reading based on topics of interest for every age, emphasizing elements of literature and logical sequence of events.




Working with concrete materials that lead students to experience the conservation of quantity, patterns, series, and etc. foundations to develop pre-math skills and reach the reasoning to problems that are presented on daily basis.




Being in touch with nature and social environment is necessary for their development and to be part of the surrounding environment, which must be followed under certain guidelines and rules that contribute to harmonious coexistence.




The student is encouraged to employ various graph-plastic techniques to express themselves freely and enjoy painting. In addition, they are invited to recognize the tones, rhythms leading to improve their skills of communication and coordination, to develop their memory skills, concentration and attention.




Children come into contact with English in this level and they do it through songs, rhymes, stories, projects and other activities, leading to increase their vocabulary and use of words used in the development of sentences in their oral expression. Phonological awareness that indirectly leads them to decode without the key objective, since it has internalized in a natural way and their brain has received linguistic stimuli that lead to understanding of what is said in English and are also encouraged to start  and to generate correct answers.

Lcda. Ingrid Quinto

Coordinadora Académica Nivel Inicial 2 y 1er Grado EGB

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In early education level 2 and grade of Basic General Education of the Colegio Americano of Guayaquil we seek the overall development of students, providing a motivating and inspiring space where they feel comfortable and enjoy their learning. We also encourage autonomy, trust, and exploration to face new experiences that enrich their knowledge world, reaching out for themselves in everyday problems that may arise. As a transversal axis of the curriculum in managing the transfer of thinking skills with basic groundwork for more formal learning process that occurs in GBS.

 In each of the areas we address (comprehension and expression of language, logical-mathematical relationships, relationships with the natural and cultural environment, body language and motor skills) working with concrete material; develop skills for pre-writing and pre-mathematics, with bases to give way to operational thinking in the future years of schooling.



Lcda. Ingrid Quinto

Academic Coordinator Initial Level 2 and 1st Grade EG.

Contact Information

Address : Ave. Juan Tanca Marengo Km. 6.5, Guayaquil, Ecuador

P.O. BOX 09-01-752

Phone: (593) 4 3082 020

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