Incorporation Robert Allan Reed

On Thursday March 8th, the ceremony for the Incorporation of the 8th Class of the alfabetization for adults center Robert Allan Reed, 69 adults incorporated as the newest graduates. Present were: Ab. Monica Manrique, Director of the 6th district and Lcdo. Francisco Pazmino, Principal of the  Juan Montalvo Fiallos school.

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Class of 2018 Incorporation

On Wednesday March 7th at the Teatro Centro de Arte the Ceremony of Incorporation of the sixtyninth class of seniors the schoo was held.l As special guests attended: the General Consul of the United States, Mr. Andrew Sherr; the subsecretary of Education (zone 8), Mgs. Erika Lainez and Mr. Gino Luzi in representation of the ...

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THE GRAND NATIONAL. This is the most important tournament here in Ecuador, it is the only tournament in the country sponsored by United States Cheerleading organizations. This tournament is for classification to the World Tournament in USA. At the tournament 61 teams in total competed, from the provinces of Guayas, Pichincha, Manabí, Azuay, Santa Elena ...

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Sprint Cup Champions 2015

Sprint Cup Champions 2015 Spirit Cup is a tournament where different teams from different schools, colleges and clubs form the country participate. The following results were obtained at Spirit Cup: Tiny Team Champion Colegio Americano (2nd Place IPAC) Mini Pee Wee Team Champion Colegio Americano (2nd Place CEBI, 3rd Place IPAC) Pee Wee Team Champion ...

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On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March, it was held the tournament Americheer 2015 in the city of Orlando, Florida. The team…

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BEST AVERAGES BI 2014 – 2015

According to BI statistics indicate that 100% of students passed the subjects of English, Art, Language, Economics …

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In August Luis Abrié students, Melissa Zavala, Pablo Aguilar, Melanie Veliz, Caesar…

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Tommy Lin Weng student of III baccalaureate obtained …

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Contact Information

Address : Ave. Juan Tanca Marengo Km. 6.5, Guayaquil, Ecuador

P.O. BOX 09-01-752

Phone: (593) 4 3082 020

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